Vision Catering is an Art, Arts are perfected!

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What is Vision?

Vision is an aspect that oversees the growth of an idea into a concrete business. A dating relationship into marriage. A girl into a president and etc.

A vision is important if only it is productive. Productivity of a vision is defined by how proactively it is worked on. Owning a vision is the initial step that guarantees it’s inception. Cultivation. And realization.

How to work with Vision

Self assesment

It is crucial to realize a specific vision. Ofcourse there are a number of visions that tend to hit your head. The visions are inspired by a number of factors in the environment.

An important aspect is to carry out a self assessment session.

The session has to be reflective. Realize who you are, visions are abilities we will live with forever. You don’t want to live with something that you don’t enjoy. Self assessment tries to find the inscripted code in a person. The moment you discover, understand and accept yourself. The easier you find your vision.


Research aimed at realization of the vision is

a cultivator of goodness for self and the vision in general.

The action of looking for information on building

and improving your vision works.

The work is that it clears the path for the vision.

It is vital to getting to understand what is required when working on the vision. Research is a tool to information, information is a roadmap.

Write the Vision

Writing down the vision is a stamp. A written vision means that it has to be lived, thought, seen and heard. It is a direct link to being practical. When you write, you can see the vision in different perspectives by thinking of ways to manage it and living it.

Live it

It is the practical part of your vision. This is where you prove to yourself and the world that visions are real. Practice makes perfect. Go through your vision, in your head, feel it in your veins and act out what it stipulates. There are moments when you get drained. Life drains, it is the normal challenges. Hold onto the vision, the best thing we ever do in this life is to live. Make your vision your life.


Take time to asses your milestone. What have you covered so far as much as your vision is concerned? Ask yourself questions. Do you see the answers? Then it is the ripe time to apply the answers.

Identify your vision, log into the future and live it to its full realization. Realizing a vision is more like being your own boss. If your vision is to live a life without sin, do it. Identify sins, reasearch on them, write them down, live a life without sin and go back in history to see how you are performing.

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