The human body is made up of a complex digestive system. The system is designed to break down foods from complex components to a simple digestible and soluble form. The human body is made to process whole foods. An introduction of processed, refined and none whole meals tend to affect the breakdown process. This leads to a mixed reaction in the release of hormones in the body. There are more than 20 types of foods that trigger the growth of cancer in the body. This article will only highlight the top 5.

A surge or low release of hormones in the body affects the body internal mechanism.



An imbalance in the release of hormones can lead to rapid growth cell mutation and less or retarded cell growth.



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The following foods have to be taken in regulation as they are on the grid rumored to cause cancer.

1. Soda – Soda is full of sugar.

2. Red Meat

3. Fried Chips and Microwave Popcorn

4. Canned Foods

5. Hydrogenated Oils


The body has a balancing mechanism. The problem occurs when the stretching limit is done! Stay Safe.

Article by: Edwin Keya