Living as a Youth, Hot Stage!

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Living as a youth is the most beautiful, demanding and dangerous of all life stages.

Most people that have it easy after the youth stage are those that succeed the highs and lows of youthfulness. As a youth, living is one of the hardest part of life and the most interesting. It is because just as other life stages, there is no manual. The most advantageous aspect is that there are people that have gone through the life stages. This means that they can act as examples.

Who is a youth?

A youth is anyone who has attained the age of 18 years and is or less than 45 years. A youth is also someone who has attained the above years and has accepted to be in the category. Does it mean that there are alternatives to being a youth? Follow me. I will show you!

LIVING AS A YOUTH is when one makes or lays the foundation for life. It’s an age that those that have not attained, tend to anticipate to reach. While those that are leaving, either wish to remain or just want to hide behind a dark curtain forever. For a youth to determine whether the next stage of life from youthfulness is knotty or blissful. It is rife that the particular youth achieves a positive foundation from this stage. It is also a stage of life that mostly makes or breaks a human being. The confines of break and make are laden by the environment of whoever defines the two words. Usually, there are a number of pressure channels that work on the particular youth.

Pressure can be exerted by the particular youth. Peers. The society or the environment in which the youth exists. Personal decisions, thoughts and actions are some of the pressures that the youth besiege themselves. It comes when they have not yet achieved a certain niche in their targets of life.

Peers can also exert pressure to the life of a youth. These are situations where a youth in a certain group cannot meet the standards of that group. It can be in the way of thinking. Dressing or whatever they or have achieved. This stage is where all the pressures emanate. Normally it is a stage when the parents tend to reduce or even cut (financial) support. The youth, therefore, has to try to fend for themselves. It is where survival tactics are initiated. Higher education has to be achieved. Girlfriends and boyfriends are introduced.

Fashion is on its peak and the latest materials are flashed in the eyes.


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Nose and etc.

The youth is forced and reminded to be trendy.

The environment and or the society is always there to teach lessons.

There is no need to delve in that.

Do they survive?

LIVING as a youth, survival is not a joke, but it is a must. The sun will either shine or not. But days keep coming and going. It is a time in life when one has to spend less days closing their eyes and more time engaging their brain, eyes, physical abilities and ears in acquiring something. Bank deposits should be one of the acquisitions. The best moments to close the eyes in this stage of life is when one is praying.

This is a time when education has to be acquired, social abilities have to be sharpened. Girlfriends want to be taken out, parents need you to visit them and most importantly your crew wants you. You can’t run, and more so, you can’t give in or hide. Also at this stage, misconceptions yield high, girls want their boyfriends to cool down the tempo of life. Ride them in flashy cars, take them to the movies, take them shopping and even fly them out of the country to posh islands. In short be fathers. While Boys expect girls to be nuns, virgins, naughty, rich and play girlfriend and mum at the same time. Pressure.

What is a youth supposed to do?

living as youth, you have to live up.

Sleep late.

Image Source: notenoughgood.com

Work on whatever you can.

Learn more diligently.


Go out.

Sleep late.

Never afford a slow pace.

As a human, a stage never lasts forever.

This is a stage where you can achieve a lot, physically, emotionally, economically, socially, religiously and even in parenthood.

Do not fear to look up the life of those that have surpassed a stage, and infer the appropriate skills to practice in your own. Be positive, life is a process. Read more, listen more, practice more and take time to process but the most vital thing is to sin less.

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