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Teenage Pregnancy is a pregnancy by female children under the age of 20 years. In simple terms it can mean that when non adults conceive pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is one of the hitches to progress and civilization in the current world.


Asking why is even an understatement. The proper contribution is “How?”

Have you ever been in an instance,

where you push a heavy

rolling container



Every time

you miss a footing,

it comes tumbling down.

That is how teenage pregnancy is, a stumbling block.

Human progress in civilization, social prowess and even technology, depends on how we live back home or in the family setting. Is there peace? Do we have space for constructive challenges?

How teenage pregnancy degrades the society:

Time – The affected people tend to waste time taking care of the pregnancy, the child and therefore not achieve their initial goals in life in time.

Unstable/ Shifted/ broken dreams – the goals of the affected individuals get distracted, leading to stagnation in the course of life

Destitution – the girl child, father and the family unit faces unexpected burden in decision making, emotional investment as well as financial budgeting which can lead to poverty


Peer pressure – This triggers the child to indulge in sexual activity with peers, an adult or a famous person in order to fit in his/ her cycle.

Absent parents – Missing the parental guidance in a child’s growth affects decision making of the child. Absent parents also provide optimum room for child sexual activities as well as molestation

Glamorization of Pregnancy – Through media, in movies or skits

Lack of Knowledge

Sexual Abuse or Rape

Teenage Drinking.

Teenage pregnancy is one of the causes that lead to single parenting. Be on the lookout, teach your child the art of responsibility.

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