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Single parenting is a situation where only one parent out of two participates in entirely bringing up children and the family at large. It is a situation that affects both genders of parents. And it means that the present parent has to deal and give support to the children emotional, financial and even material support.
Where did it originate?
There are a number of reasons that lead to single parenting
1. Death of a Partner
There comes an unfortunate case when one parent dies and
leaves the responsibility of
parenting to one individual.
There are various
causes of death
that include
succumbing to diseases, accidents, suicide and etc.
The vulnerability of parenting in this situation depends
on a number of factors. The factors are defined by the situation
of the family, and majorly lonliness, financial status as well as other social
factors are associated. Grieve affects the children and the parent left behind and majorly the burden of parenting weighs down on the person left behind.
2. Divorce
Divorce is one of the major reasons for single parenting. It is triggered by a number of factors that include incompatibility, ignorance, pride and shifting priorities. Incompatibility differs in the horizons of goals, thinking, intelligence and reactions to the environment.
3. Unintended Pregnancy
This occurs when one or both parents do not intent to sire, or one of the parents is willing to be a parent. It therefore forces one parent to accept the responsibility either forcibly or through self intent.
4. Single parent adoption
A grownup can decide to adopt a child for the intention of companionship or parenthood.
The reasons for single parenthood are varied.
According to statistics, the United States leads in the number of single parents at 25%, followed by Ireland at 24.3%, New Zealand at 23.7%, Canada at 22.1% and the United Kingdom at 21.5%

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