Information Security, Keep Safe

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Information Security

Information security can be termed as the state of securing information from unauthorized access, use or storage. Information is an important component for use in any environmental setting. Since it is useful, care should be a prime concept in ensuring that the information is stored, used and transmitted in the safest way.

Who is responsible for information security?

Information Security, in any position of the word starts with you.


Don’t look around. It is you that makes the difference, when you make the effort to protect information. It is your password, your bank plate pin, your Identification Card Number, your company bank account or business strategy or even the size of your shoes. Information is an important asset.

Exploited in business premises.

Love relationships.

Court cases and even on Facebook, information runs and stores knowledge.

And did you know that the census taken by the government is part of an information exercise?

How do you protect information?

Source: Lifehacker

Choose a password that is hack proof. A password combined of uppercase and lower case letters, digits and if possible symbols is secure. Ensure the password is not exposed to unauthorized audience and one password for everything online is a NO thank you! Today tommorrow or next week.

Ensure your information system is installed with the latest antivirus. Also update to the latest Operating Systems and antivirus programs.

DO Not follow every link sent or recommended to you. Study links, in this proactive internet age, everyone is looking to earn it easy. Some links will install malware (KeyStroke Trojan) capable of stealing and transmitting information to unauthorized recipients. If in any case you have to follow such a link, DO it on a public Computer.

Always LOG OFF Public Computers. They are the portals to unwanted surveillance. They are public, therefore, accessed by a large number of users. If possible, get and carry your personal computer at all times. Just incase the Urge to log on comes on.

Use Secure Wi-Fi Network

Is the Wi-Fi network you are using password protected? If it’s not, it is not safe.

Always put a lock on it.

Source: CCI

The use of social media is vital to marketing and connection to friends. Social media information should be limited.

It helps to avoid overexposure of personal information. Most importantly, keep your phone data OFF if not in use.


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