How to Be A Boss

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There are vivid moments we spend in the middle of consciousness and unconsciousness. The success of the moments are determined by the time limit used in the stupor and quality of thinking involved.

How do you feel about being your own BOSS?

It is a jittery feeling. Both in the positive and negative dimensions.

You can imagine the work involved, the amount of responsibility invested physically, emotionally, time and even money. Then imagine the kind of privileges laden with being a C.E.O. The unlimited authority, money and the respect when you get recognized with interviews in the media. There are a number of nitty gritties that need to be achieved in order to reach to the level of C.E.O. The scope of the START-UP will be achieved in line with the vision of the initiator and the quantity and quality determined by time, money and work.

Start-ups are important to an individual and the economy. They help curb a deficit in a particular industry and environment. The broader the vision, the more problems it solves and vice versa.

Have you ever thought of owning a start up?

Start-ups are personal or group visions. The inspiration of the start-up idea is what matters, as it will direct to the vision and there is nothing as important as a vision.

Steps to initiate a start up and be your own Boss


Yes, I said it. Be uncomfortable with your work, I mean, are you ok with working for someone?

If your answer is yes, then continue reading, but if your answer is no then it’s time to get uncomfortable with your work. Complain about the smell at your work, complain about the paint work. Complain about your salary. Complain about overcrowding, complain about slow Wi-Fi. Get anything to complain about.

Getting uncomfortable helps you start thinking about your own job. Refuse the comforts at your workplace and gain a strategy to start your journey to engrave your name on the wall of startup venture list.

Get ideological.

You probably have an idea of what you want to own and that will take you from poverty to prosperity. The less you think the more the ideas. Keep your mind open, stay on your interests and look at the people around you. What do they like?


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What is the common problem they share, what are the possible solutions? What drives technology at the time? What is the future of the technological innovation in the field? BRAIN STORM, it works. This is where you put yourself in a problem that people face. The actual reality will help you to plan, plan for the vision, the actualization and the future of your venture.


Fear is the beginning of failure. Have you ever tried to jump over an electric fence?

Why not?

Because there is electricity in the fence, how sure are you?

Try that new idea.

Don’t chicken out on starting small. Don’t be afraid to start over in life.  Life is not short as it is always perceived. Be on the go and collect all the necessary granules that will be the building blocks for your start up.


There are a number of written, spoken, and visualized knowledge resources in the world. For example, use google to search, how to make money. There is a part for stories, images, videos, books and the list goes on. Knowledge is power and power is possibility. Venture into the field of research, not permanently but as much as possible. Be interested in the idea and the information about it. Take a survey on the street and know what the public has to say. There is no harm in walking around with a notebook and paper and asking people their take on why they have to wear shoes!


It doesn’t mean that this people have to be part of you or the venture. They can be people that will encourage you. These are the people that will in a way monitor your progress and ensure the bulb keeps burning. They will ask you the progress you have made and at some point they will invest in their time, their managerial skills, their criticism and even their dumbest jokes, they will keep you lively.

Stick to YOUR IDEA

No matter what happens, never abandon your idea. No one ever died of hunger. The only distractor is death and going completely mad. Be crazy, be crazy about your idea and own it. Get a tattoo about it, sing a song about the idea, name vehicles you see on the road with your idea.


Work on your venture. Meet investors and the people involved in the logistics of your work, draw the work plan, draw the mission, make policies and don’t look back. The more ventureful you are the less efforts you will instil as it continues.


We need that start up for tomorrow, there will be employment of the youth as they come into the system of life. A todays pillar started up with compiling of many small granules. Don’t be afraid to wake up early, to sleep less or lack to sleep at all!

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