Do you Ever get Stressed?

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Stress is an absence of peace of mind. It can bring both good and bad outcomes to an individual, as it constantly varies with the mind-set. Here are some insights on the effects of stress.

Good Stress

Helps boost brain power

It happens when low-level stressors happen.

They trigger stimulation of neurotrophins,

which helps boost connections

between the neurons. This is like an energizer

to concentration or what other people call unwavering focus.

It’s a trigger to success

When overwhelmed with stress. Emanating from a pending achievement, also known as eustress, there is pressure to complete it. The stress acts as a motivation and, therefore, pushes one to work on trying to improve the situation. It brings a positive impact in the doings of an individual.

It can Enhance child development

A John Hopkins study outlined that there are benefits that are attained by the unborn child when a mother is pregnant. It is said that an unborn child develops motor and developmental skills during the stress period of the mother.

Unhealthy Stress

Stress tends to increase the following conditions in

the body due to the release of fight and flight hormones

like cortisol and hence lead to diabetes, heart diseases,

obesity, gastrointestinal problems, alzheimers disease and asthma.

How do you get rid of bad stress?

There are a number of ways to release stress. They can be selected according to an individual’s mind environmental state. Technology has also been on the forefront to cause and as well relieve stress. There are a number of procedures posted online to help in addressing the stress management topic.

Exercise – Exercise is important to the development of the body. It helps to increase oxygen intake as well as distribution of the same in the body.

Meditation – works to release stress by thinking of individual parts of the body. It is like singly identifying every part of the body during the stress situation and hence diverting attention from the stress issue and concurrently beating down the stress level to minimal or zero. There are a number of facilities as well as Apps designed for meditation guidance.

Debriefing/ detoxing – It is a privy idea to share out with someone about your frustrations. Letting stress boil inside is harmful. Find a confidant that can accommodate your pressures by talking them out. It is a vital tool that can help erase stress.

Stress can be managed in different ways and as I said above, it depends with the situation the individual is going through. Decisions made during the stress period to manage the stress is what matters. It can be by reducing a certain habit, like caffeine intake, or by writing it down, going for run, a journey, spending time with friends or even watching funny clips and laughing it all out. The essence is to stay in control. The problem is always inside you, getting it out is a personal effort. It is like giving birth, push it out. Push stress out.

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